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October 11, 2019
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Composite steel grating


The composite steel grating is a product composed of a tread plate group having a steel grating and a sealing surface having a certain load-carrying capacity.

After the hot-dip galvanizing treatment of the composite steel grating, the warp deformation will occur due to the thermal stress, especially the larger steel grating, the leveling is more difficult, please pay attention to the selection.

The composite steel grating is commonly used as a series of 3 steel gratings, and also uses series 1 and 2 steel grids as the bottom plate; the 3mm thick plates of the pattern steel plates also use 4mm, 5mm, 6mm treadplates.

The stencil is made by splicing the steel mesh on the front or bottom of the steel grating to prevent small pieces from falling. The reticle is used in the granary, restaurant, and warehouse to prevent small animals such as rats from entering.

The composite steel grating is made of steel grating as the bottom plate, and different types of steel mesh can be selected.

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