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Stainless steel grating


Use occasions:

  1. The use environment is harsh, and it is necessary to resist acid and alkali corrosion (such as chemical plants, environmental protection equipment, etc.).

2, high requirements for hygiene (pharmaceutical, food factory).

3, for the occasions with high requirements for appearance (such as shopping malls, landscape) flat steel material.

1304: Corrosion resistance is general. Recommended for the most common types.

2316 (316L): Strong corrosion resistance and high price.

3301: Corrosion resistance is weak and the price is cheap.


Surface condition:

  1. Flat steel is pickled after hot rolling and is matt white.

2, flat steel cold drawing processing, with a certain degree of smoothness, welds need to be treated with special syrup.

  1. The flat steel is polished after cold drawing and has a high finish.
  2. After polishing the flat steel, the surface is subjected to electrochemical treatment such as chrome plating to meet the specific requirements of the customer.
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